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Remote Firmware Update is a reality

Newsblog from Acowa: 19. December 2023
Remote firmware updates is now a reality at ACOWA INSTRUMENTS

Remote firmware update via modem is a milestone

At ACOWA INSTRUMENTS and WASYS, we’re celebrating a groundbreaking technological advancement: Remote Firmware Update. This will have a positive impact all our customers. In essence, all our products have received new firmware – which not only complies with the Nis2 security standard, effective from ultimo 2024. The new firmware also marks a shift in the way firmware updates occur. So, this new firmware is actually a bit of a milestone in terms of security and efficiency.

From now on, our product firmware can be remotely updated via modem. In other words, there’s no longer a need to manually update firmware using a USB cable. Now, firmware updates can be performed directly from a remote computer.

In addition, this is a cost-effective solution which ensure that our customers stay ahead with the latest technology and security standards. Moreover, we are one of the few companies in water automation industry that enables this advanced function.

Backward-compatible firmware

Our new firmware is, of course, backward compatible. Right from the start, we’ve embraced a forward-thinking approach. As a result, all our products are built as modules which allows easy replacement of product components – including firmware. This means that no matter when you purchased one of our products, you can still benefit from this innovative update.

Are you interested in updating your product’s firmware?

Then call us at +45 72 21 79 79.

We’re delighted to ensure that our customers receive quality solutions with the latest technology tailored to their water systems.

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