At ACOWA, we specialize in building durable equipment to manage, monitor and move water. With more than 90 years of combined experience
in the water and wastewater industry, we have acquired the skills to complete projects successfully and at the agreed time and price.



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Pump Control

ACOWA has five products under the catagory pump control: SPIDER, SPIDER I/O, EAGLE HMI, OLED, FireFly & PUMA

Pump Control Development from Acowa

When it comes to pump control, one must take many different factors into account. It requires experience to build intelligent devices and software that can control water pump with functions like energy optimization, data collection and alarm handling.

ACOWA covers all needs on the market, from the simpler pump systems, to the large advanced multi-pump systems based on the latest technology.

SPIDER Pump Control (+ I/O)

Acowa Instruments SPIDER is a universal pump control, with many applications. It can control several pumps with alternating operation, using only one level switch. On the same level switch, a high level or defective pump function also can be alerted.

SPIDER pump control can of course also be connected to a standard pressure transmitter or other level meter with 4-20mA signal and optional measuring range. When connecting an analog level signal, SPIDER can perform a valid pump flow calculation that has not been seen before. Based on this function, the need for pump service can be predicted.

A standard SPIDER comes as with a multi-protocol built-in modem, which automatically detects whether Modbus or Comli is communicated via the SCADA-system.

Image of SPIDER Pumpcontroller


EAGLE II HMI display has a 7 “widescreen with high resolution and with good effect of backlight. This ensures that the HMI display can always be used, regardless of weather conditions.

The EAGLE II HMI display is compatible with many products and contains more than 200 product drivers. EAGLE II HMI display is available i.a. used with SPIDER, Siemens, Allen-Bradley, ABB PLCs and other standard pump controls.

A standard SPIDER comes as with a multi-protocol built-in modem, which automatically detects whether Modbus or Comli is communicated via the SCADA-system.

OLED - 2,4″ Display for SPIDER

For modern pumping stations, access to important data must be easy and clear. With our many years of experience, ACOWA has gathered all the inputs and designed an easy and clear 2.4 “display called OLED.

The display is for direct mounting on the SPIDER pump control and is built with different screen setups and can be operated with a joystick. OLED enables a visualization of the most essential settings and operating data in SPIDER pump control, and provides the opportunity to change a limited number of setpoints.  

Image of OLED
Image of FireFly - The intelligent alarm unit

Firefly - Intelligent alarm unit

FIREFLY is designed for the use as a simple alarm device according to the term “The local red alarm lamp has become intelligent”.

Acowa Instruments FIREFLY is an alarm unit that is either battery-powered or a fixed 3V DC. It is an excellent replacement of the existing red alarm lamp as it sends data from pump alarms  and high-water level switches directly to the SCADA-system via AcowaCore.

FIREFLY comes with 2 digital inputs and 1 analogue input 0-10V DC. This is used for measuring pump current for the detecting of number of starts and operating time in total values, as well as possibility for pump status (On or OFF), in a 5 minutes resolution. This is only with the use of a external power coil.

PUMA Pump Control

PUMA is a universal compact single-pump controller with the possibility of communication. It can operate both 1-phase and 3-phase pumps up to 12A (5.5KW).

PUMA pump control can be delivered, as standard without communication interface, or as an option 4G or NB/IoT modem,  which uses Modbus TCP/IP protocol for communication to either the AcowaCore/AcowaDash platform or to the user’s own SCADA-system.

Image of PUMA Pumpcontroller