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Intelligent alarm unit

FIREFLY is designed for the use as a simple alarm device according to the term “The local red alarm lamp has become intelligent”.

FIREFLY is a battery-powered or fixed 3V DC intelligent alarm unit that can replace the existing red alarm lamp, so that pump alarms and high-water level switch are sent directly to the SCADA-system via AcowaCore.

FIREFLY comes with 2 digital inputs and 1 analogue input 0-10V DC. This is used for measuring pump current for the detecting of number of starts and operating time in total values, as well as possibility for pump status (On or OFF), in a 5 minutes resolution. This is only with the use of a external power coil.

FIREFLY can be delivered with a 5-year Sigfox subscription and batteries or power supply – ready to install.

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Material ABS plastic
Diameter 104mm
Installation Min. 38mm hole with nut
Cable connection 4 pcs. clamps
Communication SigFox
Antenna Build-in
Enclusere class IP67
Power supply 3V DC – 3,7V DC
Batteries 2 pcs. Lithium AA (not included)
NOTE! FIREFLY is not EX-classified and must therefore not be installed in EX areas.


Item number Description
1772-19120001 FIREFLY for battery.
1772-19120001-P FIREFLY for fixed supply.
1122-SigFox U 5 year SigFox subscription incl. creation on Sigfox back-end as well as invoice handling.
CS-651-20 Power coil for monitoring motor current for pump start and operating hours
6106301404-4 Lithium AA 1.5V Battery
RS-15-3.3 Power supply 3.3-3.7V 3A 9.9W mini size

ACOWA FIREFLY is very flexible and can be used in
many different applications, such as:


Operating data from pumping stations

Level alarm on treatment plant


Level alarm from wells

Level alarm in rivers or streams

Level alarm reservoir and tanks

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