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A universal pump controller with many applications within instrumentation. Spider can control several pumps with alternating operation, with only one float switch connected. On the same float switch an alarm can be activated for high level or defect pumping function.

HMI colour display

In modern pump stations you need access to important data to be easy and foreseeable. With many years of experience, WASYS A/S have  gathered all input and designed an easily manageable HMI colour touch display.

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Future safe Instrumentation

The mission of ACOWA Instruments is to deliver quality products for intrumentation, based on newest avalable technology and equiped with advanced, thoroughly tested functionality. Choosing an ACOWA products means choosing a future safe product.

High Speed development

Our skilled developers constantly have a finger on the pulse and make sure that all products labelled ACOWA Instruments, are amongst the best on the market. if it doesn’t work, it’s not an ACOWA product.

Danish design - from top to bottom

ACOWA products are produced and developed in Denmark. This goes for hardware as well as software. On top of this, all developement takes place in close dialogue with our customers.