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TurTle - Hydrostatic Pressure Transmitter

This Level sensor is developed directly for the water and sewerage branches.

TurTle´s measurement cell can easily be replaced

TurTle is a revolutionary pressure transmitter (Level sensor). TurTle is recognized by its robust design and is developed directly for the wastewater industry.

TurTle’s unique measurement cell can be separated from the sensor housing which is constructed in AISI304 stainless steel. This means the measurement cell can be replaced without having to replace the entire electrical installation, or in the case of a damaged cable, the measurement cell can be reused in another sensor housing.

Image of TurTle - a hydrostatic pressure transmitter used for for level measurement
Image of TurTle head

Adjustable range of measurement

TurTle’s range of measurement is adjustable via a DIP switch on the rear of the measurement cell. TurTle can measure in 3 ranges, 0-3m, 0-5m or 0-10m, all with 4-20mA output signal. It is furthermore possible to zero-calibrate the measurement cell by using a DIP switch.

TurTle is designed with PUR-cable and can be delivered with the following standard lengths -10m, 15m, 30m or 50m. 

Excelent precision and durability

TurTle uses a ceramic capacitive measurement cell with long durability, stability and great precision.

The sensor’s capillary tube is finished with a filter that prevents the absorption of moisture.

Furthermore, it has a total weight of 1.3 kg, which makes it incredibly stable in conditions with turbulent water.

Image of a target and an arrow


Length 235mm
Largest diameter 50mm
Weight 1300g with 10m cable and measuring cell
Wire connection Red = Supply, Green = Signal, Black = Screen
Cable length 10m, 15m or 30m.
Free fall drop 30 cm
Enclosure class IP68
Power Supply 24V DC (10V DC – 28V DC)
Max. overpressure 6 bar
Measuring range 0-3m, 0-5m or 0-10m in the same sensor head
Measurement signal 4-20 mA
Measurement principle Ceramic capacitive
Accuracy Better than 0,25% of FS
Long-term stability Better than 0,5% of FS per year
Sensor head Impact resistant PP (Fiberglass 30%)
Cable housing AISI 304
Cable clamp 0-3m, 0-5m or 0-10m in the same sensor head
Operating temperature -20°C tio+85°C
Certificates CE
Item number Description
1772-2202010 TurTle level sensor
1772-2201010 Sensor housing for measuring cell with 10m PUR cable
1772-2201015 Sensor housing for measuring cell with 15m PUR cable
1772-2201030 Sensor housing for measuring cell with 30m PUR cable

The TurTle level sensor is very flexible and can be used in many different applications, such as:

  • Pumping stations
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Stormflow
  • Level monitoring
  • Rivers or streams
  • Reservoir and tanks

To see documentation – go to the Download Center