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For SPIDER pump control, an expansion module has been developed that allows for more digital and analog inputs. The newly developed module is called SPIDER I/O. By using this module, SPIDER pump control becomes even more flexible and can therefore also function as an advanced 1 or 2 pump control with the option of connecting several operating and alarm signals.

At the same time, it will also be possible to collect data from frequency converters and other instruments with bus communication. When SPIDER I/O is connected to SPIDER pump control, the status of the digital and analog inputs can be read on the top board, as LEDs are mounted here for indication. It gives the user a good overview during commissioning and testing of the module.

Dimensions W=87mm x H=90mm x D=62mm
Weight 250g
Wire connection 0.5 – 2,5 mm2
Vibration (sinusoidal) 10-500Hz, 1G
Free fall drop 30 cm
Enclosure class IP20
Power supply 230V AC +10% / -20%
Frequency 50/60Hz
Input power consumption 0,004 to 0,06A
Starting current < 10A
Consumption Max. 10W
Fuse ≤ 250mAT
Certificates CE
Humidity Humidity 10% – 95% non-condensing air
Operating temperature -20°C to +50°C
Storage temperatur -20°C to +60°C
Functional altitude Max. 2000m above sea level
Tolerance +/- 20%
Analog inputs:  
Number of analog mA inputs 2
Electrically insulated No
Measuring range 0/4–20mA
Input impedance Approx.100Ω
Measurement accuracy Better than 0,5% of FS
Signal range 0-24mA / 0–30V DC
Cable/signal length Max. 100m
Digital inputs:  
Number of digital inputs 8
Electrically insulated No
Digital signal Low < 5V / < 1mA High > 12V / > 4mA
Analog signal measuring range 0–10V DC
Analog signal impedance Ca. 20KΩ
Measurement accuracy Better than 1% of FS
Signal range (min/max.) 0–30V DC
Cable/signal length Max. 100m
NOTE! SPIDER I/O is not EX-classified and must therefore not be installed in EX areas.


Item number Description
1772-2103824 SPIDER I/O Extension module.
1772-2102164 Serial interface for SPIDER external HMI display. Incl. 1.5m cable set.

Used in connection with SPIDER pump control

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