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Pump control

PUMA pump control is a universal compact single-pump controller with the possibility of communication.

PUMA can operate both 1-phase and 3-phase pumps up to 12A (5.5KW).

PUMA is constructed with a two-part impact-resistant IP65 encapsulated housing.

The PUMA cabinet can easily be mounted on wall, in street cabinets and other enclosure due to its compact size of only 23cm in width.

The PUMA housing is designed for easy connection via bottom-mounted fittings and a combination of screw terminals and spring clamps.

Image of Puma Pumpcontroller - developed by ACOWA
PUMA pump control can be delivered, as standard without communication interface, or as an option 4G or NB/IoT modem,  which uses Modbus TCP/IP protocol for communication to either the AcowaCore/AcowaDash platform or to the user’s own SCADA-system.

All PUMA registers are of the same data type, so only one telegram is needed to be transmitted to get updated data. PUMA 4G and NB/IOT modems contain a “FAST RESPONSE” function and are developed to support the communication requirements of the future.

PUMA measures the level in the well via standard 4-20mA analog level transmitter and can start and stop the pump automatically. PUMA has integrated standard functions for inlet flow calculation, flow and capacity calculation as well as “Running blind”  control via the high-level float switch. PUMA has a unique function for current measurement on all 3 phases as well as phase sequence detection.

For daily operation, PUMA has a 2.4 ”OLED display in the front and 4 control buttons.

PUMA is configured with the common PC software – AcowaZoo. This is done locally via USB connector or remotely via 4G modem connection. Via the built-in USB connector in PUMA it is possible to perform firmware update.


  • Advanced single-pump control
  • Possibility of either 4G or NB/IOT communication interface with “FAST RESPONS”
  • Modbus TCP/IP protocol for communication with AcowaCore or users SCADA/SRO system
  • Unique function for current measurement on all 3 phases as well as phase sequence detection.
  • Operation via graphic 2.4 ”OLED display
  • Validated flow calculation, where the pump’s “true” capacity is calculated
  • Inlet flow calculation showing the inlet profile to the pump station
  • “Running blind”  function via level float switch if the pressure transmitter is faulty.
  • Possibility of overflow calculation via AcowaCore
  • Function for daily exercise of pump so that it does not get stuck during prolonged downtime
  • Function for daily depth pumping, so possibly. floating layers can be avoided
  • Possibility of varied starting level, so that fat build-up is avoided
  • Configuration of PUMA via AcowaZoo PC software
Dimensions W=237mm x H=248mm x D=98mm
Weight 1350g
Wire connection 0.5 – 6mm2
Vibration (sinusoidal) 10-500Hz, 1G
Free fall drop 30 cm
Enclosure class IP65
Power supply 1x230V AC or 3x400V AC +10%/-20%
Frequency 50/60Hz
Input power consumption 0,004 to 0,06A
Max. fuse 16A
IK max 6kA
System earth TT
Certificates CE
Humidity 10% – 95% non-condensing air
Operating temperature -20°C to +50°C
Storage temperatur -20°C to +60°C
Functional altitude Max. 2000m above sea level
Built-in power supply:
Output voltage 24V DC
Output current Max 100mA
Tolerance +/- 20%
Analog inputs:
Number of analog mA inputs 1
Electrically insulated No
Measuring range 0/4–20mA
Input impedance Approx. 100 Ω
Measurement accuracy Better than 0,5% of FS
Signal range 0-24mA
Cable/signal length Max. 100m
Digital inputs:
Number of digital inputs 2
Electrically insulated No
Digital signal Low < 5V / < 1mA
High > 12V / > 4mA
Signal range (min/max.) 0–30V DC
Cable/signal length Max. 100m
Digital outputs:
Number of digital outputs 2
Electrically insulated Yes
Insulation voltage 4 KV
Relay type Relay outputs
Cable/signal length Max. 100m
Constant load max. 2 A @ 230Vac – AC1
max. 100 W @ 230Vac – AC3
max. 1 A @ 30
Minimum current 5 mA @ 10 V
Maximum start-up current 6A @ 20 ms.
Switch speed Max. 10 Hz
Supply voltage 1-phase 230V AC or 3-phase 400V AC
Motor size Max. 5,5kW
Maximum power consumption 12A
Motor protection 3-phase electronic current measurement
Cable/signal length Max. 10m
NOTE! PUMA is not EX-classified and must therefore not be installed in EX areas.


Item number Description
1772-2205000 PUMA pump control without communication interface
1772-20225042 PUMA pump control with 4G modem
1772-20225002 PUMA pump control with NB/IOT modem
1772-20220042 PUMA 4G modem
1717-20220002 PUMA NB/IOT modem


PUMA  can be used in applications, such as:


Control of pumping stations

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