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OLED 2,4″ Display for SPIDER

Easy and clear display screen for modern pumping stations

Easy Connection
OLED display is for direct mounting on the SPIDER pump control
Long Life Expectancy
OLED 2,4″ Display has a lifetime expectancy of minimum 20,000 hours

Clear display screen - regardless of weather

For modern pumping stations, access to important data must be easy and clear. With our many years of experience, ACOWA has gathered all the inputs and designed an easy and clear 2.4 “display called OLED.

The display is for direct mounting on the SPIDER pump control and is built with different screen setups and can be operated with a joystick. OLED enables a visualization of the most essential settings and operating data in SPIDER pump control, and provides the opportunity to change a limited number of setpoints.

Image of OLED
Dimensions W=60,5mm × H=37mm × D=2.15
Display size B=5501 x H=27,49mm
Mounting For direct mounting on the SPIDER
Pixel size 0,40mm × 0,40mm
Display color Monochrome (white)
Power Supply 12V DC via SPIDER
Operating temperature -40°C to +80°C
Storage temperature -40°C to +80°C
Humidity 10% – 90% non-condensing air
Lifetime expectancy Minimum 20,000 hours
Certificates CE

NOTE! OLED is not EX-classified and must therefore not be installed in EX areas.

Item number Description
1772-2101164 Display 2.4 “” OLED incl. joystick for SPIDER Controller.

ACOWA OLED is used for direct mounting on the SPIDER

OLED provides opportunity to change these setpoints:

  • Level
  • Operating data P1 and P2
  • DI status
  • DO status
  • Communication status
  • Alarm list
  • Start / stop level P1 and P2
  • Operation P1 and P2

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