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Battery-powered data logger with modem

GEKKO data logger is designed in a robust industrial design. GEKKO can be supplied using either the 2 pcs. lithium batteries or external voltage supply 12-30V DC.

GEKKO is equipped with 2 pcs. analog inputs which are 0/4-20mA or with 4 digital inputs, 2 of which can be configured as 0-10V inputs or as pulse inputs for counter. In addition, RS485 MODBUS communication with external devices is possible.

GEKKO is designed for use in wastewater and water supply applications and can collect data and log signals of several different types with the help of external equipment, e.g. used for H2S detection, level measurement, overflow registrations and for registration of precipitation events.

GEKKO data logger can communicate via standard MODBUS TCP/IP or SMS commands. Communication takes place via 4G modem (2G, 3G and 4G) or Sigfox modem – both are mounted on their own print. Thus, communication can be changed to future form of communication without changing the entire data logger.

Communication to SCADA / SRO takes place through the program AcowaCore, which i.a. enables handling of an event-based logging function typically used in overflow registration.

GEKKO has a USB interface for programming GEKKO or for downloading logs in data loggers.

Dimensions L=186mm, W=156mm, H=60mm
Weight 620g without batteries
Wire connection 0.5–2,5 mm2
Vibration (sinusoidal) 10-500Hz, 1G
Free fall drop 30 cm
Enclosure class IP67
Power supply 12V DC – 30V DC
Batteries 2 x Lithium SAFT
Humidity Humidity 10% – 95% non-condensing air
Operating temperature -20°C to +50°C
Storage temperatur -20°C to +60°C
Functional height Max. 2000m above sea level
Start-up time total 20-120 sec. (depending on GSM network)
Built-in power supply:  
Output voltage 15V DC
Output current Max. 100mA
Tolerance +/- 20%
Analog inputs:  
Number of analog mA inputs 2
Electrically insulated No
Measuring range 0/4–20mA
Input impedance Approx.100Ω
Measurement accuracy Better than 0,5% of FS
Signal range 0-24mA / 0–30V DC
Cable/signal length Max. 100m
Digital inputs / AI 0-10V:  
Number of digital inputs 4
Electrically insulated No
Digital signal Low < 5V / < 1mA High > 12V / > 4mA
Analog signal measuring range 0–10V DC
Analog signal impedance Approx. 20KΩ
Measurement accuracy Better than 1% of FS
Signal range (min/max.) 0–30V DC
Cable/signal length Max. 100m


NOTE! GEKKO is not EX-classified and must therefore not be installed in EX areas.


Item number Description
1772-2204000 GEKKO 4G.
1772-2204100 GEKKO SIGFOX.
UHR-13Ah Lithium SAFT 3,6V battery
1717-0B24-C884G Quad band antenna (2G, 3G, 4G) w angle connector
Sigfox-U 5 year SigFox subscription incl. creation on Sigfox back-end as well as invoice handling.

GEKKO datalogger is very flexible and can be used in
many different applications, such as:


Measurements in pumping stations

Measurements at treatment plants

Overflow registration with event log.

Hydrogen sulphide Measurement

Level measurement in rivers and streams

Collection of precipitation data

Level measurement in reservoirs and tanks

Groundwater monitoring

Pressure measurement on water pipes

Measurements at waterworks


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