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Float Switch

FROG is a standard float switch with a micro switch for either a Normally Open (NO) or a Normally Closed (NC) status signal.

FROG is delivered in versions with a 10m or 20m fixed-mounted high-flexibility cable. A mounting bracket is included in both versions.

FROG is used as a high water level alarm in pump stations, low water level alarm in clean water tanks, water on floor alarm, as a controlling switch for pumps and many other functions.

Contact system Microswitch
Voltage Max 250V AC
Max. rated current 6A Resistive, 3A inductive
Pressure range 200kPA
Cable length 10m/20m
Largest diameter 99mm
Length of floating element 140mm
Tilting material Polypropylene (PP)
Cable material PVC
Enclosure class IP68
Max. operating temperature +55­­°C
Buoyancy 6N
Certificate CE
NOTE! FROG is not EX-rated and therefore cannot be used for installation in EX areas.


Item number Description
FROG-10 FROG float switch with 10m cable. NC + NO function.
FROG-20 FROG float switch with 20m cable. NC + NO function.
FROG-vægt Counterweight for FROG.

ACOWA FROG is very flexible and can be used in
many different applications, such as:


Pumping stations

Sewage treatment plants


Level alarm

Reservoir and tanks

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