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Data collection


AcowaCore is a data processing program that can communicate directly with both FIREFLY and GEKKO units, as well as convert existing historical data from the user’s own SCADA system and convert these into valid flow calculations at all pumping stations and overflow structures. These valid flow calculations can then give the user the following:

  • Capacity calculations at all existing pumping stations with historical data
  • Inlet profiles at all existing pumping stations with historical data
  • Bullseye service module which provides a more dedicated pump service scheme
  • Overflow calculations at all existing pumping stations and overflow structures with historical data
  • Non-revenue water detection at existing pumping stations with historical data, both direct and indirect diversion.



AcowaDash is a visualization platform for AcowaCore. AcowaDash enables a custom user interface that is intuitive and easy to understand and it gathers all information about all pump wells, both capacity calculations and inlet flow, precipitation data, hydrogen sulphide information and overflow events as well as calculations and visualizes these on a custom design.

AcowaDash also enables easy reporting of e.g. overflow events and non-revenue water detection as all data easily and can be extracted as CSV files from the system.

The program is installed on the user’s own server or offered as a hosted service. Installation is performed by an ACOWA system integrator and requires access via either VPN, team viewer or similar.

System Requirements:
Operating system Windows10 or Windows Server 2014 or later is preferred
Browser Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Safari
CPU 1 core 2 GHz – preferably multicore 3 GHz or more
RAM Minimum 4GB – preferably 8GB
Hard disk space 1GB for application and 3-party programs. In addition 1GB per. monitored unit per year log da


Item number Description
ACOWA-CORE Standard software package for GEKKO and FIREFLY, one-way communication with SCADA
ACOWA-CORE-PRO Extended software package for full integration with SCADA system
ACOWA-CORE-GEKKO GEKKO device on AcowaCore for standard measurements
ACOWA-CORE-GEKKO-OVERFLOW GEKKO device on AcowaCore for overflow registration
ACOWA-DASH-GEKKO GEKKO device on AcowaDash
In addition to the AcowaCore application itself, a number of third-party programs are installed.


Third-party programs:
Programming and scripting language Python
Databases Postgresql
Dashboard Server Grafana
Service Manager NSSM

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