At ACOWA, we specialize in building durable equipment to manage, monitor and move water. With more than 90 years of combined experience
in the water and wastewater industry, we have acquired the skills to complete projects successfully and at the agreed time and price.



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Cloud Solutions

Under this catagory we have our AcowaZoo, Acowa hiVe and SCADA

Software & Cloud Solutions

Having the correct data communication connected to your instrumentation is essentiel for a smooth and professional proces.

ACOWA Instruments provides processing program as well as interface solutions that give you an abundance of possibilities to gather and show information about pump wells, capacity calculations, inlet flow, precipitation data, hydrogen sulphide information as well as overflow events.

AcowaZoo - Configuration Tool

For configuration of SPIDER and GEKKO, a AcowaZoo is a free PC program that can be downloaded.

USB connection from SPIDER or GEKKO connects to PC with a Micro-USB connector on the device. AcowaZoo will then connect to the device for configuration. When the AcowaZoo application starts, it will continuously try to establish contact with a device via USB connection.

AcowaZoo - a configuration tool

Acowa hiVe

Acowa hiVe is both a data processing program that can communicate directly with Acowa hardware units, as well as an easy to use visualization platform.

Image of Acowa hiVe

SCADA - Schneider Electric – IGSS

ACOWA SCADA is developed in cooperation with Schneider Electric and consists of 6 standard packages. It is an object-oriented SCADA system that can communicate with over 90 different hardware manufacturers.

ACOWA SCADA is offered in packages of 200, 300, 400, 600, 1000 or 2000 objects. If alarm software – Notifier – is desired, then this can be purchased. Also an APP has been developed for ACOWA SCADA, allowing for the management of pumps, graphs and alarms, and this via smartphone or tablet.

Image of SCADA